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  June 2005 - Press Release


New Century Offers Unique Two-Way Team Frames

New Century Displays offers a unique two-way picture frame, #2VHPICB that is designed to display a vertical individual player photo measuring 3.5 by 5 inches and a horizontal team photo measuring 5 by 7 inches. The frame is made of top-quality alder wood, and the clear acrylic panels allow photos to be seen from both sides or a backing can be placed behind a single photo. Each frame comes individually boxed for retail sale.

Each frame also comes laser engraved with any one of 13 phrases including “Basketball,” “Hockey,” “Soccer,” “Softball,” “Baseball,” and “Thanks Coach.” Or for 12 pieces or more, frames can be custom engraved with a team name, event and date, or anything else desired within the size limitations.

A second model, #2VHPIC, comes with a sports ball secured on an extension off the frame. Choices include a regulation-size baseball or a miniature version of a soccer ball, softball, basketball, or hockey puck.

New Century Displays, a subsidiary of Howell Mouldings, has been manufacturing oak picture frames and related products for more than 35 years and has a far-reaching reputation for offering top quality at the best price. To receive a free color brochure or to view the entire collection of two-way pictures frames, which are also available for the resort and golf industries, visit or call 913-782-1759; fax: 913-829-0821 or e-mail:



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